Makeup that has changed your life – Part One

moisturecover4I got talking with a friend the other day about the products that have changed our lives and thought it might be a fun thing to write about here.

My #1 is MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer (in shade NW20) applied with a MAC #224 brush. Dark circles were the absolute bane of my existence until I discovered this. The trick I’ve found is to make sure you don’t choose too light a shade, and apply it with the soft #224 blending brush. I apply it after my liquid foundation and then powder over the top. If I’m having a particularly bad day I apply a second layer and then powder again. It doesn’t cake, is buildable, the colour neutralises all blue undertones, and looks oh so natural. This is one product I will be using until the day I die.

So now guys – over to you! I’m asking you to share with me the products that have made the biggest impact on you (either in comments or email me), and I will publish the best ones here. Also – to make it interesting, on the 31st of May, I will randomly select a winner from all entries and send them a makeup goodie pack, filled with some lovely products valued at over $100.


  1. sweetbabyblue

    The make up that has changed my life? It has to be my first real make up purchase. Before that I never understood make up, but when I brought my first MAC studiofix powder, a new world opened to me!
    I also love my Urban Decay eyeliners because they changed my opinion on pencil eyeliners, but Studiofix was the most influential because it changed me from the the girl who doesn’t wear and knows nothing about make up, to the girl who’s absolutely obsessed =)

  2. Rhianon

    A conversation with a friend, hey…

    well, here goes:

    1. Mac brow pencil in “fling”
    2. Mac Joyous Blush
    3. Napoleon Camera Finish, Look 1
    4. Dior Diorsnow Pure Premakeup Base 30+
    5. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
    6. Mac Fluidline , Blacktrack
    7. Makeup Forever Pressed colours, yellow
    8. Makeup Forever loose powder

  3. Lara

    I totally agree on the magics of the MAC concealer!

    The things that have changed my makeup life are:

    MAC Fix+ spray
    MAC Primer

    These two things are the best things in my makeup case. When I see everyone else’s makeup completely gone at the end of the day, I look in the mirror and see mine looks almost exactly as it was when I walked out the door. Love them.

  4. Lara

    Would love to know if anyone has had a non-waterproof (yet non-smudge!) mascara that has changed their life?

  5. sweetbabyblue

    Hey Lara!
    I found that using my mascara base under my normal clinique mascara made the mascara stay put. almost to the point where it was horrible trying to get the non waterproof mascara off!
    I used majolica majorca ‘curl curl curl to the sky’ mascara base.
    I hope that helps!

  6. Anita

    The one product that has totally rocked my world is MAC Blot powder. I have extremely oily skin, and for years it made me self-conscious, and also limited how much makeup I wore. (It’s hard to be inspired to do a full face if you know it’s all going to melt away in a few hours!). Back in those days, there were limited cosmetics brands available where I lived that catered to women of darker skintones. Not only was I unable to find a good match in face powder colours (most were too light or else orange), many were quite opaque and left my skin looking powdery.
    Cue the opening of a MAC counter in my city, and my discovery of the sheer wonderfulness that is Blot powder! It keeps me shine-free for several hours, and applies very sheerly without adding colour. Finally, I could wear makeup without either being powder-caked, or greasy. Since then, I’ve found other products that also help my oily skin, but even now I never go anywhere without my sleek little MAC Blot compact :-)

  7. Liisa

    Gemma, since meeting you, you have turned the way I see makeup & it’s various products upside down!
    I have a few fave products that I absolutely love, but my all time faves are concealer & false lashes. Lashes in particular, I seem to go weak at the knees for though- you with your love of feathered lashes, have made me rethink wearing just mascara. I am obsessed with lashes now, no matter what kind :)
    I want to thank you for all of the above, but also because you are such a beautiful girl and I’m so happy to have met you. You’re a star that will never stop shining brightly! xx

  8. Foodycat

    Not a specific product, but red lipstick. The discovery that there is a red for everyone, and that it doesn’t have to look tarty if you don’t want it to was a major breakthrough for me. My favourite reds on me are the (dear discontinued) Estee Lauder China Red and Mac Red.

  9. Jen

    MAC #187 brush or stippling brushes in general.

    I’ve always relied on blush to make me look awake however I always ran into trouble with pigmented blushes as I tended to look overly blushed and therefore ruddy. Upon introduction of the #187 my life has changed. I’m now able to use the most pigmented blushes and still create a very subtle glow void of any muddiness. The fact that I can create different textures and build layers means that I can use it for both cream and powder products. Its versatility also extends to liquid foundations where I can now create a flawless base within a few minutes.

    I will definitely never use another brush for blush or foundation. I now own 3 #187 brushes- for someone who used to think brushes weren’t an important tool and would balk at the idea of paying ~ $80 for one, this is definitely a testament to its superiority!

  10. Estefania

    Well I couldnt live without Mac studio fix fluid foundation & MAc 191 brush

    the 191 is so underrated but nothing has given me such an amazing coverage not even the 187!.
    I have really bad skin and even taking meds i still need to cover alot of redness. im so glad theres a foundation like studio fix fluid thankfully i havent had any bad reactions to it.

  11. em

    gem I started applying my underye concelaer with a fluffy brush after reading this about a week ago and wow! so much better- thanks! I’ll have to try the moisturecover once my current one runs out.

    the product that has changed my life has got to be covergirl lashblast mascara. it’s cheap, super black, makes my lashes look better than they really are and NEVER smudges.

    others include MAC shroom (I wear it every day), MUFE HD foundation (perfect skin in a bottle!) and MAC kinght divine (my go to e/s).

    love your blog! xo

  12. Bec

    I just remembered I didn’t answer this before!
    For me I would have to say Urban Decay Primer Potion and MAC Fluidline.
    I have the worst oily eyelids and for years no matter what I tried, I always ended up with massive smudged halos above my eyes from my pencil liner. I tried setting with eyeshadow, setting with powder, foundation, Ultima Fade Not Crease Not plus other bits and pieces. It wasn’t until I discovered UDPP and Gem and Ali suggested MAC gel eyeliner, that I finally found a solution!!! I use UDPP everyday, for my eyeshadow, even if I’m not wearing eyeliner and I managed to get the hang of applying the fluidline quickly. For someone who is not a makeup expert these two products have changed my life!

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